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frog soup

Aaron is currently drawing a Dark Multiverse “What If” story centered around the Infinite Crisis event for DC Comics. This will be Aaron’s first Prestige Format Comic.


--Wonder Woman/Conan Mini-Series (DC and Dark Horse Comics)
-Power Cubed (Dark Horse Comics)
-Justice League International #1-12 (covers on #1 and #2 only)
-Weird Worlds #1-6 and My Greatest Adventure #1-6 (Garbage Man feature)
-Wonder Woman #20-23, 26-30, 32-36, 38-40 (covers on # 20-41)
-Ms. Marvel #13- 24
-Incredible Hulk (Planet Hulk) #96-99, #102-103


Aaron recently regained the publishing rights to his creator owned character Garbage Man. He is now working on collecting all of the DC stories along with a new story in one hardcover volume. This project will be crowdfunded starting October of 2019. Please check Aaron’s blog on this website, along with his social media platforms (instagram, facebook and twitter) and his youtube channel for updates. Also keep your eyes on Aaron’s blog for new Kit Carter episodes which will be posted in black and white for everyone to view and read. As it that is not enough, Aaron just sent his new and last sketchbook, Raw Imagination: 20 years of sketches to the printer. This will be a hardcover 64 page full color book available in December 2019.



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