Wonder Woman/Conan Black and White

Most people don’t get a chance to see the Black and White artwork associated with a comic unless they are art buyers.  Although Wonder Woman/Conan was wonderfully colored by Wendy Broome, I think the pages from this first issue are really cool in black and white as well.

Here are the two double page spreads from the issue along with a couple of other pages.  Spoiler alert if you haven’t bought and read the comic!  And if you haven’t, shame on you!


I’ve worked with a lot of good inkers over the years but Matt Ryan seems to get my sensibilities better than anyone.  It’s always tough doing a splash page or double page splash when two characters or sides are facing off.  You need to show both with some depth, even though they are facing one another.  Here is my solution for Conan’s big entrance into the story.


The story called for Wonder Woman’s face to not be clearly visible to the crowd so I had to draw her in a way that her hair covered her face.  Same challenge here that there was for the previous spread, show Wonder Woman and her opponents even though they are facing each other.  Problem solved but not after some trial and error.  Again, terrific inks by Matt Ryan, especially on all of the tiny people in the crowd.


I really like the figure work on this page (panel 3) and the final brooding close up of Wonder Woman.  I usually sell most of my pages but some of these are going to be hard to part with.


I like this page better after Matt’s inking then I did after I penciled it.  I’ve sold this one already and I am already missing it!

That’s it for now.  I just wanted you to experience a little bit of the thrill I get when the Matt Ryan sends me back the inked originals and I get to see them full sized for the first time!


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