Turok #3 Cover Process

Look out, two posts in one week!

I recently just completed a run of 5 alternate Turok covers for Dynamite.  As each one gets released on the internet I will post a blog.  I recently saw that my cover to Turok #3 was online so here I am.

This issue’s cover happens to be my favorite of the run.  That’s not to say I think it’s the best necessarily, I just like it the best.  Probably because of the T-Rex.  Now strangely with these covers I had a pretty clear vision with each one about what I wanted to do.  So I just did one cover sketch. My editor liked it, so I went with it.  Like they say, your first instincts are usually right.  (I have no idea who “they” are)

So here is the 8.5X11 cover sketch drawn on 20lb copy paper.  I went ahead and inked this with a micron (or something similar) because I was only doing one so I had a little more time to solidify my concept.


Shortly after doing the sketch, there was a slight story change.  Turok’s daughter was no longer to be featured on the cover.  It didn’t change the composition at all.  I just removed the daughter and kept everything else the same when I took it to pencil.


At this point I wasn’t exactly sure what the background was going to be, other than it would all be handled in the coloring stage.  So I inked it.


I made a slight alteration to make sure the tomahawk was not touching the hood of the car.  The background was supposed to represent some weird energy zone where things out of time would randomly appear (thus the old car).  So I knew I had to go do something funky but not distracting in the background.  This is where working in photoshop is a real advantage.  You can try a bunch of different things and keep deleting failures until you find something that works.


What I did here is drop in a flat yellow-ish background and then use the lasso tool to create some random looking shapes.  I took some of the green from Turok’s outfit and did a color fade (from green to yellow) in the lasso shape.  I also lightly dropped in some of the red from the T-Rex in the background and some lighter yellow streaks.  With a brush I spotted those glowing embers.  Finally I dropped a layer of the background yellow (about 15% opacity) over the car to harmonize it a little more and keep it from sticking out too much.  Our focus should be the dino and Turok, not the car.

And that’s how I did it!



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