Well, here we are, 2020. It seems unbelievable really. Maybe it’s even more unbelievable we are not zooming around in jet cars like the Jetsons (a now obscure 1960’s cartoon reference). Things don’t really seem all that different except I am yet again, another year older. But with a new year comes the great possibility of new and exciting things happening.

Like… NEW SKETCHBOOK! I decided to have one more go around with a sketchbook but this time not using the smaller pamphlet format that has become so popular among many artists. No, this time I am all in with a substantial 64-page full color hardcover signed and numbered limited edition book! It’s a collection of some of my best sketchbook work over the past 20 years as well as including over 30 never before published images. It’s a great collection of vintage older material with some really nice newer and previously unseen work.

This sells for $25 + $5 shipping and you can order it right here on my website! Just jump over to the Store Page>Books>and there you are! There isn’t a preview there so I will drop one in here. There is a wide variety of subject matter in this volume but it focuses mainly on fantasy/sci-fi/adventure art.

I should also mention there is an option to get a head sketch of your favorite character inside the book. This option is not listed on the website but when you email me at: you can request it. This option sells for $45 +$5 shipping. Basically an additional $20 for the sketch. Seems reasonable to me.

The other BIG NEWS I will take a moment to mention is the return of KIT CARTER! Since the unfortunate failure of my crowd funding campaign for Garbage Man, I have returned to working on Kit Carter: Galactic Ranger. The first 6 episodes will remain locked, with access only granted to those that purchase a Limited Edition Kit Carter Episode One Story Print ($15 + $5 shipping), however all episodes moving forward will appear right here on my blog page for everyone to read for FREE! These “strips” will be posted in black and white and hopefully at a much faster rate than the color ones appeared.

The idea is to get you, the reader, introduced to Kit Carter so I can grow a large enough audience to eventually produce a book. One that will actually sell (that’s always a good thing when you are publishing). Right now I am drawing Episode 7 where Kit finally comes face to face with the diabolical ZING the ZEALOUS! Here is a sneak peak at a couple of the panels.

I will announce on all of my social media outlets when this is finished and posted.

Also make sure you follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter. I also have a youtube channels where I post videos about once a week. It is a miracle I get any work done at all!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I will see you back soon!

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