The GARBAGE MAN Campaign is LIVE!

This may be the shortest blog I have ever written. My much anticipated Garbage Man crowdfunding campaign is live. I am amazed the amount of courage it took to actually do this. The fear of failure is a very real thing, especially with us artist and writers. I hope you will check this out and contribute. I do know the book will be of the highest quality and that’s really all I can guarantee.

Here is a little art to help draw you in. This is the pencil art to the limited edition print that will be used only in the limited edition of the book. I will be penciling, inking and coloring this.

They great comic book inker Danny Miki has also agreed to ink a piece for the book. Here is the “work in progress” of the art Danny will be inking. I’ve see the partially inked art from Danny and it is spectacular!

Thanks for stopping by and follow this link to the campaign!

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