Show and Pre-Convention Commissions 2018

If you are interested in having me do a commission before a convention you will be attending for pick up at that show or if you would just like to get on the list for a commission done at the show, here’s how it works.

Show commissions are 11X14 single character gray tone marker drawings.  They are $200.  I also will do nice 11X14 head/bust shots for $100.  I do sketch covers for $150.  Again these are single character pieces.  You can sign up at the show but there is no guarantee I will get to it depending on when you sign up.  If you contact me prior to the show I will put you on the list to secure your spot but you still have to check in with me at the show before I will start it.

IMG_0898 IMG_0890 IMG_0887cover#2

There is also the option of getting a pre-show commission to be picked up at the show.  I only do these as 11X17 single character with limited background and in color.  These are colored with a combination of markers and colored pencils.  I usually need a week’s notice but sometimes 3 days is sufficient. (Depending on my workload)  These are $350.


If you would like either of these options for an upcoming show that you will be attending (of course, it has to be one I am attending too) please email me at:

10 thoughts on “Show and Pre-Convention Commissions 2018

  1. I have a batman sketch book that I was hoping to have you do a piece in at C2E2. Can I get a spot on your list? Thank you so much for your time,

  2. Looking to get a booster gold jam piece done at wondercon and was hoping to get a spot on your list for it. Do you have any openings?

  3. Looking to get on the list for a “classic” Firestorm commission at WonderCon if you still have availability.

  4. Just following up on an email. Was hoping to get on your list for C2E2. The character is Firebird (Amalgam Comics’ mashup of Marvel’s Jean Grey and DC’s Fire), and it would be on a jam piece I could drop off the first day of the Con. If you’re full for the Con, I’d be open to doing one of your pre-con color pieces, but I’d have to mail you the board really, really soon. Thanks.

    • Marty-I put you on the show commission list but it is pretty full as of right now. I can’t guarantee it but i will try to get to you. I have no room left for pre-show commissions at this point. Come by as early as you can and check in with me at the show. Thanks!

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