Rockin’ the Archie 1955 Cover

I think it has been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Why, you may ask? Because I am only one man! I have to keep my instagram, twitter and facebook pages constantly updated and I just launched a new youtube channel ( Not to mention I’m getting ready to crowdfund Garbage Man AND I am putting together a new 20 year anniversary hardcover sketchbook. Oh, I almost forgot, I draw comics full time. (Oh, I’m also working on Episode 6 of Kit Carter)……and now I just realized I have completely forgotten about my Deviant Art page.

But enough about me. Let’s get on with the art! Let’s take a look at how I put together/created the cover for Archie 1955 #1.

Anytime you do a 50’s era rock ‘n roll cover, Elvis has to be involved somehow. They wanted Archie as a fledgling rock ‘n roll star so I immediately thought to put him in an Elvis pose with the screaming girls around him.

Everyone liked it, so I got right to it. I found a picture of Elvis in this pose that I knew existed because I had it in my head from someplace. I used that for reference and created the pencil drawing to the cover. Sadly, like the dweeb I continue to be, I forgot to scan the pencil art and went instead right to the inks.

Here I am using a much cleaner style than I would on my superhero work because I wanted to do most of the work in the coloring process. Also, I would like to note that the girl on the bottom left is my daughter. This is her second cover appearance. Her first was Wonder Woman #25 when she was in pre-kindergarten. Now she is 17. I inked most of this with a brush, using a pen mainly for the straight end stuff and to even out some of the contour lines.

Next I scanned it as a bit map at around 1200 dpi and colored it in photoshop.

The pink and mint green seemed very 50’s to me and gave the cover a bit of a romantic feel to it. It is simple but maybe my favorite Archie cover so far.

I really enjoy working on these covers as they take me away from what I normally do and challenge me to think in more classic illustration terms.

Thanks for stopping by and I will try and be more regular in my posting.

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