Power Cubed Update

Let me take a moment to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to give you a Power Cubed update.  At this point I was hoping to have the first issue completely drawn and inked.  Alas, I have only reached page 11 the halfway point to the first issue.  I still should be able to finish this mini-series by the end of the this calendar year and have the book out in comic shops by Spring 2015.

But as I promised last time, here is another page of finished artwork from the first issue.

Those of you who actually bought and read the first issue of Atomic Toybox way back in 1999 might remember a similar page from that issue where Dr. Cruel is trying to converse with the brain.  That is one of the very few scenes that I didn’t change from the original story.  I did alter it slightly and re-draw it, of course.  Here is the new version that will appear in Power Cubed #1.


Next time you hear from me on Power Cubed the first issue will be complete and I will have more art to post.  In the interim I will return to the regular programming when I revisit my Favorite Projects: Ms. Marvel Splash Pages part 2!


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