My Top 20 Favorite Covers part 2

Last time we visited my top 20 comic book covers (that I drew) numbers 16-20 plus a couple of honorable mentions.  So it seems only reasonable to address covers 11-15 in this the second part of my four part blog.  Why waste time with idle chit chat when we can jump right in.  This is me jumping right in!

NO. 15: Wonder Woman #26.  I have three Wonder Woman covers in my top 20 and this is the first entry.  It’s a simple but dramatic composition that tells the story of the comic.  I also like the color job.  (I’m pretty sure it’s Brad Anderson but don’t quote me on that if I’m wrong).



NO. 14: Mystic #37.   The work I did on Mystic for CrossGen resurrected my flailing career and got me back in the good graces of Marvel and DC.  This is a cover that I elected to keep because my wife (she’s a math teacher) gave me all of the equations for the cover.  I also think it is a unique design that metaphorically references the villain she is facing in the issue.  Great inks by Matt Ryan and colors by Wil Quintana.



NO. 13: Wonder Woman #23.  I love the composition and the super-hero power of this cover.  To me it feels like an old Marvel Comics cover.



NO. 12: Marvel Adventures Avengers #2.  Man, did I love doing these covers ( I did the first 4 issues).  I got to draw the whole group on every cover but this was my favorite, probably because it was so difficult and it wasn’t your typical team shot.  Plus I got to draw the silver age Leader!  This is another one that I still have.




NO.11:  Weird Worlds #6.  Most people are probably completely unaware of this comic. But it features my creator-owned monster comic, Garbage Man.  It was a 12-part serialized story that ran consecutively through two separate anthology mini-series ( first Weird Worlds and then My Greatest Adventure) I got a little criticism for it being too much like Swamp Thing…uh….duh!  That was the whole point.  Anyway, I only got to do one cover for the first 6- issue mini-series so I tried to knock it out of the park.  This is one of the first covers that I penciled, inked and colored.  See if you can find the storm trooper hidden in the garbage.



Well, this completes the bottom 10.  Next time we’ll get to the bottom half of the top 10.

2 thoughts on “My Top 20 Favorite Covers part 2

  1. Your cover to Marvel Adventures maded me buy the issue. I was a little dissapointed to see another artist in the interiors (which I liked anyway). And Crossgen had a great creative lineup.

    • Thank you! I would have liked to draw the inside too but I think I was too expensive for what they were paying on the interior art:)

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