My Top 20 Favorite Covers Part 1

If at first it seems a bit self serving to list my top 20 favorite comic covers that I have drawn; just remember, this is my blog!  What’s remarkable to me about approaching this topic is I can’t believe I have drawn more than 20 covers in my career.  The truth is, I have drawn a lot more than that.  Shocking, I know,  but true none-the-less.

The real reason I am doing this, though, is because if you are going to have a blog, you have to have something to blog about.  In the absence of a viable topic I will always choose self-promotion.  It seems like a reasonable default.

So let’s take a look at the first two runners-up.  I know this is technically cheating but since they are not officially in the top 20, just consider it bonus coverage.

POWER CUBED #2:  There’s nothing clever about the layout and nothing original about a character montage but it has a dinosaur on it and I really like the inking and coloring I did on it.


EXCALIBUR #8:  This is clearly a David Finch inspired layout but with the awesome inking of Tim Townsend, it had to get at least an honorable mention.  It is also the first cover I did for my Excalibur series at Marvel.


Now on to the actual list!

NO. 20:  Rebels #27.  I like this one because I like the inking I did on it and I got to wreck the cover logo ala Walt Simonson’s classic Beta Ray Bill Thor cover (#337).  I also like the volume and 3-dimensional weight I was able to give the character.



NO. 19: Wonder Woman Halloween Variant issue #35.  I like the vampires, the Dwight Frye-esque grave digger and the coffin of all things.  Really, in retrospect, Wonder Woman should be standing in an open coffin and there should be blood running down her chest where she pulled out the stake but nobody’s perfect.  Especially me.


NO. 18: JLI #2.  My best cover of my very short cover run on JLI.  The cover job was taken from me and given to David Finch for reasons other than dissatisfaction with my work.  I’m still a little bitter about it, even though Finch did some terrific covers for my run on the book.  Anyway, I love the stark layout, the lighting and the dramatic impact of the piece.


NO.17:  Power Cubed #1.  Luckily my creator-owned book sports one of my best covers. I really like the story-telling and the layout of the piece.  Your eye is directed right at the cube and you get a clear sense of the villains and protagonists and how important the cube is to all of them.


NO.16: Future Quest #1 Herculoids variant.

This is probably a favorite of mine based more on the subject matter than the execution.  Pretty simple design but it still manages to create a little energy.  I kept the line work simple along with the color scheme to better reflect the characters’ Saturday morning origins.



Since it is well past mid-night and I want to go to bed (old age….sigh), I am going to break this blog topic into 4 parts.  This then would officially be the #’s 16-20 portion of the list.  It stands to reason that part 2 will feature #’s 11-15 and so on.  It makes for easier reading and easier posting.  Really a win win.

See you soon!

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