My First Blog!

I finally have a blog!  Now I am just like everyone else on the web.  The question is what do I plan to do with this new found forum of free expression?  Talk about art!  What else?  Let me send out a warning, though.   If you choose to post responses keep them clean and keep them civil.  I am not interested in political or social rants and I am not interested in seeing any four letter words.   There is plenty of that type of rhetoric elsewhere.  I am an oddity in this industry in that I am a Christian and my moral leanings do shape my opinions but I am much more interested in talking about art than banging my head against the wall in an unproductive argument with someone who doesn’t agree with my ideologies.  So let’s move forward with smiles on our faces!

Many people ask about my artistic influences and I do have many that have helped shape my style and approach.  The earliest of these had to be Frank Frazetta (I know he influenced everyone).  Every time my parents went shopping at the mall they would drop me off at the bookstore and I would stay in there and look until they eventually made their way back to pick me up.  What kept my attention during that time were the various paperback covers and fantasy art books that seem to have all but disappeared ( I miss the 70’s).  Of course the ones that stood out to me were the Frazetta covers along with Ballantine published Art of Frank Frazetta books.  I never would have discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs if not for the Frazetta covers!  Out of all the incredible pieces Frazetta painted my favorite would have to be the cover to Back to the Stone Age.   This was the first Burroughs book I bought and read and it was all because of this outstanding cover.  If I only had $500,000 I would buy the original!

4 thoughts on “My First Blog!

  1. I’m not sure that $500K would get it, but I agree it’s most impressive. My first Frazetta exposure were the Lancer Conan paperbacks. Just amazing work.

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