More Wonder Woman/Conan in Black and White

I’m not one to do rapid fire blogging but I seem to have a bit of flexibility in my schedule right now, which is affording me a few extra minutes to do this.  I also just received pages back from my inker, Matt Ryan, and I was blown away by his work over my pencils.  So I am super motivated to post them.

Let’s take a look at a few really nice pages from my current project, Wonder Woman/Conan.  Back in September I did post some of my favorite pages from issue #1, so it makes sense to me to start this blog with pages from issue #2!


This is page 5 and is the first shot of shirtless Conan.  It also offers a more casual moment with our heroes.  There is a lot of very nicely done cross-hatching on this page.


This is page 13 and one of my favorites from the issue (and not because Conan rocks Wonder Woman).  I love the way the figures and faces came out on this page.


I feel pretty confident you can figure out why I like this page!

Let’s take a look a some of my favorites from issue #3.


These are pages 5 and 6 and one of my favorite sequences from the series.  The story telling, the figures, the faces, the sharks and some tremendous brush work from Matt Ryan all work great together on these two pages.


Pg. 12.   When this is the second best splash page in the issue you know you have some good stuff to draw.  Matt’s handling of the background sky along with the rain is just terrific work.


This is page 13 and features a really creepy transformation panel of the sometimes lovely  and sometimes very disgusting Corvidae.


Page 15 is another favorite page of mine.  I really like the top panel.  Conan’s posture as he sits on the horse works nicely for me as well.


Page 17 has about everything you would want on a barbarian comic book page.  It also has more nice rain effects by Matt.

There’s nothing quite like the black and white art to get a real sense of the inking craftsmanship that is often lost in the printing process.  That’s all I have for now.  I will show more when issue #6 comes out in less than a month.  Cheers!

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