Looking at the cover to Power Cube #4

I’m not going to get too wordy on this post (Pretty unbelievable, I know).  It is pretty cut and dry.  Again, as with the cover to Power Cubed #3, I knew what I was going to do and just did it.  This time I did remember to scan the pencils before going to inks.  Here is the three stages of the cover: pencils, inks and color in Photoshop.




And those of you who get the Wile E. Coyote homage, I will say, “That’s all Folks!”

2 thoughts on “Looking at the cover to Power Cube #4

  1. I finally bought the first two issues. Both are a lot of fun, like I remember 70s and 80s comics. Much more tongue-in-cheek, high adventure.
    (Spoiler) I was a little disappointed henchmen #2 die at the hands of Dr. Cruel. I liked him, especially knowing he unwittingly worked for free, then continued working for the mad doctor. I guess henchmen need a union rep.

    Looking forward to the next issue.

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