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I have returned to Wonder Woman! Well, not exactly. I recently drew an issue and more recently I got to draw a cover for issue #79. In fact, I just got approached by DC to draw a couple of more upcoming Wonder Woman covers; issues# 84 and 85 to be precise. It is not a full fledged return to the character but a nice chance to revisit a little bit.

Let’s take a look at how the cover to Wonder Woman #79, my first Wonder Woman cover in years, came to together.

Terry Dodson is/was the regular cover artist for the book but apparently couldn’t squeeze in the cover to #79 amongst his other pressing deadlines so the editors called old reliable, me. I had very little time to execute the cover but I still had to come up with multiple cover sketches.

Now, taking into consideration that we were on a very tight deadline with hardly any turn around time, which cover do you think they chose? Of course, this one. I cried for about 30 seconds and then got to work.

Because of the limited amount of time to get this done and the fact that I was inking the cover myself, I didn’t feel the need to go super tight with the pencils. Let’s face it, I just didn’t have the time. But clearly there is enough here to go forward with the inking.

My usual combination of brush and pen got the job done on time. Now as I have stated many many times before, I am not a very fast colorist. This job needed a fast colorist. So who did we call? Brian Miller, of course! And as usual, he came through with flying colors (pardon the pun).

This my friends is where the story comes to an end. From start to finish I think this cover got stretched out over 4 days. Not a lot of time to think, just do. And we did. All in all a pretty nice and successful cover.

As my old commercial art boss used to say, “never turn down a job, just figure out how you are going to get it done later.”

6 thoughts on “Latest Wonder Woman Cover

  1. Aaron, many modern covers feature standing, posed characters versus action-oriented shots, potentially because the “posed” covers more easily can be used in licensing (t-shirts, etc). Do your editors indicate a preference either way?

    • Steve, one of the main reasons for that is often times the artist and even the editor has no idea what is happening in the issue at the time the cover is created. When they (we) know, we will try and reflect the contents of the issue on the cover. But ultimately the editors decide what image appears on the cover.

  2. Aaron, does DC have an art director dedicated to designing and overseeing covers? (I believe Ross Andru may have performed this function in the past.) Or does each editor handle their own covers?

    • They did but they laid him off because of budget cuts. Mark Chiarello was the art director for years. Honestly, right now I am not sure who has final approval on covers. It’s not the editors. They have some say but the final design decision is handled above them.

  3. Aaron, the published version of this cover has a YEAR OF THE VILLAIN banner at the top (which obscures WW’s hand) and the WW logo at the bottom. Retailers have difficulty effectively displaying comics with logos at the bottom. Do you and your editors discuss “trade dress” and potential issues as noted above?

    • Sometimes. Most of the time we are made aware of where the logos are and we try to make the art best fit. However, in this case specifically I was unaware of an extra banner being on there. It could have been added late, also. A lot of decisions are made late in the game, so it is hard to stay ahead of everything going on when you are producing a cover 3 months before it comes out.

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