Kit Carter…..Finally!

Yes, it’s that time again.  Time for me to start another creator owned book.  I am committed to getting as many of my creator owned concepts out in the marketplace as I can over the next decade. (Actually, the next 8 years but if you go back 2 that’s when I started Power Cubed, so moving forward this is still part of my decade of creator owned projects).  I figure in 8 more years my desire to work on two projects at once will be long gone, so I need to do it while I still have the energy and desire.

Kit Carter is my next personal project.  I have been producing prints and sketchbook material of the character for years, so the ground work has been laid out.  Now it’s time to move forward with it as a comic project.  I’m going to treat this differently than Power Cubed.  Kit Carter: Galactic Ranger lends itself to self-contained adventures more so than something like Power Cubed, therefore that is what I am going to do.  Single issue adventures.  Rather than killing myself trying to write, pencil, ink and color a mini-series in my spare time, I will do this project as a series of one-shot adventures, thus enabling me to get it out in the marketplace in a timely fashion.

I already have semi-finished pencils for two pages.  I am motivated and rolling along with it now and after I get burned out after one issue, I’ll be done!   It’s a masterful plan if you think about it (pats self on back).  Realistically, I think I can get this done by the end of 2016 and have it in comic shops in the spring of 2017.  I haven’t put together a publishing deal yet, so I can’t say who this will be released through.  Hopefully soon, though.

Just to prove I’m telling the truth, here is a couple of panels from page one featuring Kit and her partner, Rand Frontier. Is it a patnership made in heaven or one destined to quickly flame out?  No spoiler’s here.  You’ll have to pick up the comic to find out!



That’s all you get for now.  Be on the look out for a Kit Carter Primer sketchbook.  If all goes well I hope to have it put together for Comic Con in San Diego.


Here’s hoping….

3 thoughts on “Kit Carter…..Finally!

    • Thanks, Jason. Like most creator owned projects it all comes down to how much you can get done in your spare time. It’s tough to work for free with the hope of making something on the back end.

  1. Retro-future bubble helmet puts a twinkle in my eye. I’m looking forward to another Lopresti creation. Ah, the wonderful world of time management!

    If you can’t get Dark Horse or Image to pick up the publishing you might think about crowdfunding. It’s really time consuming, but if done right, pretty rewarding since there’s a lot of artist to fan contact.

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