Is The Box Back…?

Way back in 1999 while I was still in the Portland Comics Art Studio, “Studiosaurus” a few of us (Terry Dodson, Ron Randall, Gary Martin, Randy Emberlin and Matt Haley) had dreams of launching a new line of comics through Image.  We had previously experienced moderate success with the jam books “CHIX” and “The CHIX That Time Forgot”, so we thought we would take the logical next step.  Our new comic line was to be called “Odyssey” and the first book to launch would me my creation, “Atomic Toybox”.(originally my idea was a sci-fi dinosaur adventure but we all know how well a dinosaur comic would sell)

I wrote and illustrated the comic and had the Sasquatch Man, Moose Baumann do the colors.  The first issue sold a reasonable amount and I made a little bit of money on the deal.  However, when the second issue was solicited the orders were cut in half ( typical in the industry, especially since retailers have to order the second issue before they get the first one in the store) and I couldn’t afford to do it.  So ended the Odyssey line.  (although I think Ron Randall’s first issue of Trekker did come out…I think)

For 14 years I have felt guilty leaving the readers who bought the book wondering whose brain did Dr. Cruel have, what was up with Kenny’s dad and what would happen to Slim and Doogie?  Well, one of the things I promised myself I would do once my website was redesigned was to make sure I had some new material appearing here.  The first thing I established was this blog, the other thing I was and am committed to doing is starting an online comic.   Atomic Toybox seemed like the logical choice.

After re-writing the story and re-designing the characters, it dawned on me that maybe I should  see if an established comic publisher would be interested in publishing Atomic Toybox.  So I have been making the rounds with my revamped property.  There appears to be an excellent chance that a publisher will pick up Atomic Toybox as a 4-issue mini-series.  If not I will begin to run it right here as an online comic.  Hopefully I will have a definitive answer in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, take a look at the sketchbook promo piece I just did as well as the original cover to issue #1 that was never used (I don’t remember why).

Atomic Toybox and All Images (c) 2013 Aaron Lopresti all rights reserved


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