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What does an artist do when he is waiting on his next assignment or perhaps a late script? In my case, take commissions!  When I am at shows or conventions I will take commissions and draw them there.  Some times that drawing gets done in the hotel room but mostly at the table at the show.  I don’t do color work at shows (too time consuming) and I only work on 11X14 paper (anything bigger is too hard to handle while drawing on your lap).

So when I take on home commission they are almost exclusively color pieces on 11X17 art board.  Bigger pieces, in a controlled environment and no time limit to get it done and do a good job.

I have recently done a big round of home commissions because I was for 2 weeks waiting on the script to my next assignment at DC.  Still can’t say what that is but I can say I have received the script and am working on it now.  Which means the commissions are coming to end or a least a significant slow down.

So let’s take a look at some of what I have accomplished over the past two weeks.  All of these are some combination of marker and colored pencils.  In some cases a little paint to shake things up.

Captain Marvel, the first one I did.







Huntress was second.


Shrinking Violet was next.



Metamorpho was a request I couldn’t turn down.



Although I have never been a big fan of Death (who is really?)(I think I’ve used that joke before) I always seem to produce pretty good looking commissions when I draw her.  I have to admit, I stole the tattered umbrella idea from Adam Hughes.


It never hurts to work in a classic Marvel character now and again.


Plastic Man is one of my all time favorite characters and it was requested by the same guy who wanted the Metamorpho.  Clearly a patron with excellent taste.  Unfortunately my scanner broke before I could finish this one so this is a digital photograph doctored up in photoshop to try and approximate the correct color scheme.  It ain’t perfect but it is close enough.  This is probably my favorite piece so far.


Last one I will be sharing in this post is my most recent completion, Supergirl.  Again, digital photo doctored up in photoshop.



There are more but I think that’s enough for one post.  In the near future I will have to do a technique breakdown on how I do these.  Until then, thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “Home Commission Extravaganza

  1. These are all fantastic! I don’t mean to misread the purpose of this post but are you currently accepting home commissions? If so what is the preferred method of contact to arrange something?

    • I am currently tied up with DC work and probably won’t be doing commissions for a while but if you are interested I can put you on my home list and when I have time to do it, I will contact you. If you are interested, please email me at aaron@aaronlopresti.com for more details.

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