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I’m not sure how many of today’s comic readers have any memories of Hanna-Barbara’s super hero cartoon universe.  So I may only be showing my age by creating this particular blog but I don’t think it is any secret that I have been around awhile so let’s boldly move forward.  I was ecstatic when I heard that DC Comics was finally doing something with the old Hanna-Barbara super-hero characters that I fondly remember from my Saturday morning youth.  Dan Didio and I have been discussing this for years, specifically the Herculoids, and when DC announced its new comic series, Future Quest, Dan through me a bone in the form of an alternate Herucloids cover for the first issue.

Let’s take a look at how this cover came together.   As always I did several cover sketches, mainly because I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the characters.


I thought maybe an action shot might be more interesting but the iconic team shot was selected so that’s the one I did.

Shockingly, I started by penciling the cover; but not without making a couple of changes.  I swapped Igoo and Zok so I could make the stone ape bigger.  (just between you and me, he’s my favorite).  I also decided to draw in a more “open” style to try and capture more of the original flavor of the animated show.


I then inked it with a brush, mostly.  There is probably a little pen in there but nothing significant.


I scanned this image at 1500dpi bitmap or line and then colored it in photoshop.  I didn’t go nuts on the color rendering because like the drawing approach, I wanted to keep the flavor of the animated series.


I think the final product is my style but effectively filtered through the lens of the animated series.  Alex Toth (the legendary grumpy designer of the characters) would more than likely find fault with my take on his characters but I was only trying to impress myself….and my mom.


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    • Thanks, Warren. I don’t read many comics but this one I have read and will continue to read it. As Kirk said in Star Trek II, “I feel young”.

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