Green Arrow cover process

Since I last posted my process for the cover to JLI #2, I have been frantically (well, not really) searching for another cover example that I have more scanned material on.  Low and behold I have found one.  Here now are the steps I went through from conception to completion for the cover to Green Arrow #15!

Step one is the same as it always is; the editor gives me some suggestions or ideas about what he would like to see on the cover and then I come up with some 8.5X11 roughs for him to choose from.


“A” was chosen so I then took that design and made a full sized 11X17 detailed “rough”.


Once that was finished I got editorial approval and then light tabled it on to the DC art board.  I tweaked a few things but this served as a very tight template for the finished pencil.


After the finished pencil was approved I went to the final stage of inking.  I think on this cover I used almost all micron and copic marker pens with a little bit of brush and ink in a few places.  For those of you who don’t know, the microns and copic thin line marker pens are archival and don’t fade or change colors like normal markers do (at least they are not supposed to).  They are also supposed to be waterproof but I would not be brave enough to test that.


And that’s the finished piece of art.  You will notice that the world “THE” was added to the top of the title “Fall of the Green Arrow”.  Ironically after adding this with a photoshop patch, it was again removed before publication.  Go figure.

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