Garbage Man Returns… me.

After years of laying in moth balls at DC, the rights to the character I originally created to replace a Vertigo locked Swamp Thing, were returned to me.  I am speaking, of course, about Garbage Man.  When DC proper was finally able to pry Swamp Thing back from Vertigo ( this unfortunately occurred about half-way through my Garbage Man saga) Garbage Man became instantly irrelevant.  A few years later, the rights to my creation have reverted back to me.

When I originally conceptualized Garbage Man he was intended to harken back to Berni Wrightson’s original visual approach for Swamp Thing.  More of a super hero monster than the esoteric vegetable god that Alan Moore turned him into.  There are similarities between my character and Len Wein and Wrightson’s creation but there are also a lot of differences both visually and character-wise.  And now vast differences from the current Swamp Thing incarnation.


So now what?  Do I move forward with Garbage Man creating new material?  Do I reprint the original 120 page story that very few people got a chance to read?  Both?  Do I push aside Kit Carter and Wraith of God (two creator owned projects I have been developing and working on) in order to publish a project that at least has some existing fans and a little bit of name recognition?  If I do, is crowd funding the way to go?

So many deep questions, all of which I plan on answering in short order.  I have been getting a much stronger reaction to my social media postings about Garbage Man than I could have anticipated, which gives me hope that there might be an audience out there for this.

Garbage Man originally appeared in the DC anthology mini-series, Weird Worlds.


The second part of the saga appeared a few months later in another 6-issue anthology mini-series called, My Greatest Adventure.

My_Greatest_Adventure_Vol_2_1 9.49.57 PM

This series included about 8 pages of Batman appearances that would have to be removed if I were to reprint this original story.  Batman does play an important, albeit minor, role in the story.  But he could be easily replaced with some more of my own characters and it would be seamless fix.

My idea would be to collect the entire 120 page DC story with the 8 pages of changes (that would be new art and adjusted dialogue) plus and extra all-new Garbage Man story chapter.  The story, “Night of the Living Jed” was originally going to be used as part of the Weird World mini-series but I changed it at the last minute to something else.  So we would be looking at a 140 page trade paperback or hardcover.  A great way to relaunch Garbage Man?  Maybe.


I believe that my original Garbage Man story contains some of the best, if not THE best, artwork of my career.  For that reason alone I would like to see it reprinted.   Maybe over-sized in Black and White?

All options are being explored and I am hoping to have a decision and a definite plan soon.    Feel free to let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

More updates coming.  Thanks for stopping by!



9 thoughts on “Garbage Man Returns… me.

  1. Yes, I’d like to see Dark Horse or IDW re-issue GARBAGE MAN in comic book format, followed by a hardcover and trade paperback in that order (not oversized to reduce costs). After that, do an oversized B&W hardcover. Avoid Kickstarter if at all possible. Recommend you ask some retailers for their perspective.

  2. Did you also get back the colors and lettered files? Re-lettering (and coloring) the entire book would be fun for someone you know. Not dropping any names. lol But, I think self-publishing it yourself would be great. You’ll have far better control. But, I can also see having some other company handle the production and distribution would be handy and crowdfunding it would help with financing. With this, Kit and Wrath you have a lot to keep you busy.

      • Wow. You’d think they would give you back everything for free. At least if you can get the lettered illustrator eps files, it would make it easier for you to print a b/w version. Which would be cool. That’s something crowdfunding would help with. Kickstarter, IndieGogo, etc.

  3. I would buy both the HC and an oversized b&w. I agree that garbage man is the best artwork in your career along side the Dark Knight book you wrote and drew. Also I would buy if not all prelims that would come out of the new additions to the book 😉

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