Garbage Man Promo Process

As I just recently posted, I now have the rights back to my DC Comics creation Garbage Man.  I am in the process of getting the art and lettering files from DC and then plan on collecting the whole saga in a Trade Hardcover along with some new art and a whole new Garbage Man story.

In the meantime, I thought I would post a short blog about my process for creating the Garbage Man promo piece you see on my home page of this website.  This is short and sweet but I think interesting none-the-less.

I was a little under the gun to come up with a promo piece that was going to be used at a DC panel at a convention.  I can’t remember which convention but I do remember I had to turn it around rather quickly.  This was about 10 years ago and I was just starting to color my own covers so I was hardly proficient at it. I’m not exactly fast now but I am at least I know everything in my photoshop tool bar.

I had an idea to incorporate the logo into the art and produced the black and white version   fairly quickly. (Note:  the “zip” patterns in his color splotches were added in photoshop at a later date and are not on the original black and white illustration.



I started to do color flats on the art in photoshop which is the most tedious job of the entire digital coloring process.  After about an hour in, I started thinking that I could paint the image faster than I could color it in photoshop.

So using my Epson Stylus Photo Printer, I printed out the black and white art on a sheet of 13X19 epson radiant white watercolor paper.  I’m not sure why I thought the ink would be waterproof but thankfully it was.  So in a matter of about two hours I painted the promo piece print out with watercolors.  If I had colored it in photoshop, it would have taken me days.



So now I essentially have two original pieces of art for this image.  One is the actual pencil and inks on illustration board and the other is the painted color done over a black and white digital print out.

That’s it.  Stay tuned for more Garbage Man news as I get closer to putting the book together.

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