Favorite Projects: What If…Avengers Disassembled

Recently I was going through some old computer files, a sort of cyber house cleaning, and I came across a folder containing the penciled pages I drew for a Marvel Comics project called “What If…Avengers Disassembled”.  This was a one-shot that took an alternative look at the wildly popular Avengers Disassembled story line from about 8 or 9 years ago.  It isn’t very often that I can look back on old work of mine and be pleased with it but this is definitely an exception.

This is one of those “dream” projects where you get to draw a bunch of your favorite characters involved in a lot of cool action sequences.  In this case, I got to draw every major Marvel character and a lot of minor ones that I loved growing up (and still do).  Jeff Parker wrote the issue and I am sure had as much fun with it as I did.

I am mainly singling this issue out because I think not a lot of readers out there saw it or knew I was associated with it.  It is definitely a worth while pick up if you can find a copy.  One interesting side note to this issue;  I got the Ms. Marvel regular series based off of my handling of the character in this issue.  In my career timeline, I think this issue was squeezed in between my run on Planet Hulk and my run on Ms. Marvel.  Let’s take a look at some of my penciled pages.

whatifpage2 whatifpage3whatifpage4

In this three page sequence I got to draw Ms. Marvel, The Beast, Captain America and the Falcon, the Vision and Ultron.  And this was just 3 of the first 4 pages of the issue!  I kept page 2 of this sequence.  I can’t say why exactly except that I liked it.

whatifpage6 whatifpage7

It only took to page 6 for me to get the opportunity to draw the entire Marvel Universe (well practically) and then on page 7 Spider-man shows up!

whatifpage10 whatifpage11

Then by page 10 the Falcon shows up and I get to draw a huge shot of Dr. Strange.  As I sit here typing this blog it occurs to me that this just might be the ultimate Marvel comic.


Here is page 17 featuring a massive pin-up shot of the Scarlett Witch with a nice big head shot of the Vision and a nice smaller shot of classic Scarlett Witch as a bonus.  Thank you, Mr. Parker!


Here is another groovy Dr. Strange page.  I always liked this character in his original incarnation.  Maybe it is the flowing cape but he certainly presents a lot of artistic opportunity.


I show this page mainly because it is another one that I kept for myself.  The only reason is because it has a shot of Iron Fist on it.  I keep thinking, ‘When am I ever going to get to draw Iron Fist again?!”


Cap busting through a window into Iron Man?  Again, what a great comic to draw!

whatifpage29 whatifpage30

I could easily posted every page to this comic but I had to exercise some restraint.  These are the last two I will post.  These two pages feature such an array of characters it almost overwhelms your senses.  Looking back on all of the pages to this issue I realized at how I really got creative with my story telling.  I don’t know if the subject matter was liberating or what but there is definitely some crazy layouts going on.  I don’t always think that is a good thing as wild layouts can distract from the flow of the story by calling attention to themselves.  But right or wrong it sure was fun!


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