Favorite Projects: Ms. Marvel Splash Pages part 3

So many Ms. Marvel splash pages, so little time.  Well, I am going to wrap up this continuing thread with my final issues of Ms. Marvel #23 and #24.  A whole blog on just two issues?  I know it sounds incredulous but wait until you see how many splash pages and double page spreads were in those final two issues!  Again these are my penciled pages as I turned them into Marvel prior to inking.

Let’s begin with issue #23.

msmarvel23pg1 msmarvel23pg3

The first page was once again a panel page set up for a big payoff splash page on page 3.  However, as usual I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  So in this issue Ms. Marvel becomes binary (sort of) so I worked in a full figure shot of her on the right side of the panel art as a framing device as I had been doing in so many of the previous issues.  No good reason other than it looks cool.   The page 3 splash features Ms. Marvel/ Binary facing off with the Brood Queen.  Because of the sheer size of the Brood Queen I opted to favor her and show Binary from behind.


Just a few pages later we get another splash of Carol and the Brood Queen getting rocked.  I can’t remember exactly the circumstances but there is some kind of mental battle going on here and since both were being thrust apart it allowed me to show both characters clearly.  Carol being thrust toward camera and the Brood Queen rearing back in pain.


The final page of the issue presents Carol as a new Ms. Marvel – Binary hybrid.  Obviously this big reveal needed to focus on Carol and since we had seen the Brood Queen multiple times by this point I didn’t feel bad slighting her in the composition.  How often does an artist get to draw 4 splash pages in one issue?  Keep reading and take a look at the final issue of my run on Ms. Marvel, it gets even better!


How about opening my final issue with a double page spread?  Ms. Marvel/Binary blasting  a bunch of Brood?  I must be in heaven!


How do you follow up an opening double page spread?  With another double page spread, of course!  This is essentially the same scene so I had to come up with another different shot of Carol blasting away.  I am really happy with how this four panel sequence turned out.


If you are going to have two double page spreads in a row, you might as well make it three!  Here we see Ms. Marvel going super-nova or some such thing.  As you can see all three concurrent double page spreads are harmonious in their layout.  The right side panels tell the story of what is going on inside the hover craft ship while the splash’s of Ms. Marvel let the reader now what is raging on just outside the ship.


Finally we finish the issue and my run on the series with a full splash of Ms. Marvel.   In the story this is a holographic projection but who cares, It is still me drawing Ms. Marvel!  This story lead right into the Secret Skrull invasion epic that Marvel ran through the Avengers and other titles.  So my final issue had three double page spreads and a full page splash.  Not quite the death of Superman but still pretty awesome. All in all, I drew 11 issues and in those 11 in issues I drew 38 splash pages or double page spreads.  That is a pretty good ratio if you are an artist.

Thanks go to Brian Reed for such great scripts and also to Matt Ryan who did a wonderful job inking the series.   I hope you enjoyed this walk back through memory lane with me because next time we are going further back with Mystic (if I have enough remaining scans).


4 thoughts on “Favorite Projects: Ms. Marvel Splash Pages part 3

  1. Great stuff. I enjoyed your run immensely. Your splashes drew me into the stories. Your art made me buy the series.

  2. Great recap! How hard was it to fit that call back to UXM #166 in those first four pages? Did you go through the panels and pick what you felt were the best takeaways?

    • I don’t remember exactly how it went down but my guess is the information was probably in the script. So I just went and checked the issue but then drew the panels the writer suggested.

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