Favorite Projects: Ms. Marvel Splash Pages part 2

I’m back taking a look at my splash pages from my run on Ms. Marvel from several years ago.  When I first went back and re-examined all the issues I had drawn,  I noticed that there was an inordinate amount of splash pages.  In a way, those splash pages defined the series for me.  For that reason I am posting and discusses just the splash pages from my run rather than any number of panel pages that might have some merit as well.

Last time we left off with issue #17 so it makes perfect sense to me to begin with issue #18.


Issue #18 had only one splash page written in and it was at the end of the issue.  It featured Spider-girl (or whatever her name was) unconscious in a crate.  Not too exciting so I am not posting it here.  What I am posting is page one which was not written as a splash page but I did manage to turn it in to one.  By this time I had established a reoccurring theme of this type of splash page through out the series so it was a given that I would continue the trend with this one.  Since the story was about the Puppet Master I wanted to incorporate and image of Ms. Marvel that tied into that idea.  Thus I came up with what writer Brian Reed called, “Puppet Carol”.   By using a large full figure image of Ms. Marvel as a framing device, I was able to get the cool factor of a splash page but still present the story telling of the panel page that was originally written.


With issue #19 I had a nice big panel of the Puppet Master and some of his mind controlled female characters to work with but I didn’t want to lose the established theme of Ms. Marvel as a framing device so I incorporated the head shot of her up in the corner.  I didn’t go full figure because I didn’t want to compromise the middle panel which I felt deserved full size treatment.  I am not too happy with the splash page of Tigra attacking Ms. Marvel.  It’s design is too obviously manipulated to make it a sell-able page and not really a good job of artistic execution.   Page 18 features a huge shot of The Sleeper only because I love the look of the character.  This was written as a three panel page with the emphasis on panel 1 but I took it to the extreme to really showcase a character that for whatever reason I really like.  The fact that is the most important panel on the page in terms of story content, only supports my decision to go big.

msmarvel21pg1msmarvel21pg22    msmarvel21pg13

#20 was a fill-in so lets move on to issue #21.  This began the Monster Isle storyline which is where I probably did my best work of the series.  Unfortunately through most of it, Ms. Marvel wasn’t in costume.  Oh, well.   Anyway, page 1 of this issue was a legitimate splash page so I didn’t have to do any clever thinking.  I just designed the monster and set the scene up the way I thought it would be coolest.  In retrospect, it would have been nice to see Carol Danvers’ face.   The last page of the issue gave us a really creepy shot of the brood descending on an unconscious Carol and her alien friend in the jungles of Monster Isle.  I had a lot of fun with this page (and it was a lot of work too!) Page 13 was a special request of mine.  I wanted to draw as many old Kirby monsters as possible and writer Brian Reed accommodated me by letting draw ROMMBU! (check out Tales to Astonish #19)


With issue #22 we return to me making a splash page out of a panel page.  This  time I added Ms. Marvel 3/4 figure and made all of the black on her costume a star field which then blended in with the star field surrounding her.  Since she was communing with an alien on this page it made sense to me to go “outer space” with the design.  Then on pages 2/3 I got a dynamic double page spread.  The challenge was that it was essentially the same scene as the last page of issue # 21.  So I had to change the angle and feature one of the Brood more prominently as it was reaching forward to attack.  The third splash page of the issue was one of Carol facing off with herself as Ms. Marvel.  This is pretty basic with the appeal being a full figure shot of Ms. Marvel.  Looking at it now, I may have made her a little too muscular but what the heck.  This issue featured a remarkable 4 splash pages and this is the last one on the last page.  The crystallized Brood Queen facing off with a captured Carol Danvers is the subject matter and featuring the towering Brood Queen in this fashion seemed like the obvious choice.

I wasn’t going to go to a part 3 with this particular blog subject but there is just so much art and subsequent commentary to go with it, I am going to have to.  So come back soon for part 3 of my Favorite Projects: Ms. Marvel Spash Pages!




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