Death of Hawkman Cover #5

Let’s take a look at my cover art for Death of Hawkman #5.

This is a cover where there was some indecision on my part as to what I wanted to do.  I got some direction from the writer and my editor and then I tried to make sense of it all and come up with a strong image.  It took me a few prelims to get there, though, and even then there were changes.

HawkmanAStrange#5cvrsketchA&B HawkmanAStrange#5cvrsketchC



Personally I would have gone with “A” or “B” but “C” was chosen with some adjustments. The powers that be wanted Hawkman and Hawkgirl moved to the front, which made perfect sense in retrospect.

So I made the flip and produced a pencil drawing…sort of.  This is really more of a full sized rough to get approval after I made the change.  This way I’m not investing a ton of time in something before I get a solid approval.



After the new positioning of the characters was approved I went ahead and put in the other elements of the cover and the character details.



I did put more detail into the pencil before I went to ink it but once again I didn’t get another scan of the fully detailed pencil.  I did scan the finished inks though (phew).  I inked this almost entirely with a brush.  (the debris was inked with a micron)



Once again Brad Anderson jumped in and colored this with a very short turn around and did another great job.



I’ll be back soon with the gripping saga of how the cover to Death of Hawkman #6 came to be!

2 thoughts on “Death of Hawkman Cover #5

  1. Aaron,

    Great illustration – makes me hopeful for a regular Hawkman series.

    Years ago, I read that editors would deliberately vary cover coloring from issue to issue to help buyers differentiate one issue from the next. Is this still a consideration in modern comics publishing since fewer comics are bought “off the rack”?



    • Steve, that is an interesting question. I have never heard of that. I don’t know that there is a specific concern directed solely at the colorist. There is, of course, a concern about being repetitive with the covers on a given series but that would apply to every aspect of the art not just the coloring.
      In regard to your first comment, I have no knowledge of any on going Hawkman series after this mini-series. That doesn’t mean much since they don’t tell me things like that.

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