Death of Hawkman #6 Cover Quest

I desperately (exaggeration) wanted to get my blogging caught up (whatever that means), at least in regard to my Death of Hawkman Covers, so here I am with a another blog on that very topic.

This was a hard one.  It was the last cover to a somewhat important and definitely eventful mini-series (Death of Hawkman, duh!) so it had to be good.  What to do?  Talk about pressure!  I came up with several ideas in an attempt to capture the magnitude of the moment and here is what ended up on paper.

HawkmanAStrange#6cvrpencil1 HawkmanAStrange#6cvrpencil2

It’s not often that I draw four cover roughs and still not get it right but that is what happened here.  My editor suggested something simple, stark and dramatic.  What about Hawkman’s skull?  Great idea.  Especially great when you are in a deadline crunch and don’t have much turn around time.  So I took the concept, ran to my drafting table and did a quick marker sketch to make sure we were on the same page.



Once I got the okay, I pencilled the cover art.  And in typical Lopresti fashion, I didn’t get a scan of the pencils.  It might have seemed unnecessary to me considering the simplicity of the design.  You’ll have to trust me that I did, in fact, pencil the cover before I inked it.

Here is a scan of the inks after it was completed.  Interestingly, I added the heavy blacks around his teeth and chin after I originally thought I was finished with it.   I was getting ready to scan it and I just felt like there wasn’t enough volume to the illustration so I went in and added some black areas to create that depth that was lacking.


After completing this stage, I did indeed scan it and sent it over to Brad Anderson for the color job.  Brad once again took the black and white work and made it sing with a great color job.  The added blood splatter was a nice touch.


I think the simplistic yet dramatic design ended up being the perfect cover for the last issue of the Death of Hawkman.  See you soon when I perhaps will delve into my work at Archie Comics.  Ta ta for now!


2 thoughts on “Death of Hawkman #6 Cover Quest

  1. Aaron, that design will stand out on the shelf, especially given the preponderance of muddy “grey on grey” covers the major publishers are producing (e.g., putting Hulk on a green background). When discussing a composition with your editor do you also address coloring?



    • Usually not before the fact, unless there is something specific that the editor has in mind. The color is reviewed after if is done and changes made if something is not working. Often times the coloring is behind the eight ball as far as deadlines go, so there is usually little time to make major changes.

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