DC’s Convergence Unpublished

I just finished working on DC’s big event mini-series, Convergence.  Like most big cross-over events, there was crisis (no pun intended), confusion, surprises and last minute (no exaggeration) changes.  In my case with issue #7, I had two pages that I had to completely re-draw because of script changes.  As a result there are two original pages from that issue that will never see print.

So I am going to reveal them to you now.  This first page was penciled by me and was actually inked by Mark Morales before the change was made.  This is the first page to the comic and it was deemed to similar to the first page of issue #6 so it was dropped.  Unfortunate because it is pretty cool.  This is a scan of the penciled page.


The next page was near the climax of the story.  Here we have Warlord’s wife killing our bad guy.  Apparently it was thought that the bad guy should have someone more worthy or powerful kill him, so it was changed so that Parallax (Green Lantern) killed him.  On this page Mark Morales inked the first panel before the change was made.  This page is an interesting contrast between the one inked panel and the pencils on the rest of the page.


And there you have it.  The unpublished pages of Convergence #7!

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