Damage #13 Cover Process

I’m finally done traveling this year, so time to get caught up on blogging.

Let’s take a look at how I created the art for the cover to Damage #13.

This was an interesting journey.  I knew Batman would be guest starring in this issue, so I came up with a few ideas that I thought fit into the story line we had talked about.

Damage#13CVRS Damage13CvrsketchC

The story revolves around Batman sort of manipulating Damage so I thought I would try and get a little esoteric.  Fail.  Dan Didio sent the art below telling me to do something like this.


Anybody that know me knows what a Berni Wrightson honk I am, so I said, “sure, I’ll copy Wrightson.”  Of course, I didn’t want to directly rip-off Wrightson but instead use this image as inspiration.  So I came up with this:


Rumor has it Dan jumped for joy when he saw this sketch.  So off to the pencils I went.


I was pretty pleased how this came out.  I was able to refine the drawing without losing the energy from the sketch.  No one disagreed, so I started inking.

As always I used a #2 Rafael Kolinisky Red Sable brush with some pen work on the car stuff.  In this stage I added the power lines coming out from the impact.

I later found out that I drew a Bat Chest Logo that was no longer being used so I had to patch a new one in.  You’ll notice the corrected Bat Logo on the colored version.


Everybody loved it so I shipped it off to be colored.  This time Mr. Brian Miller from Hi-Fi got the assignment and did a really nice job.  I really enjoy some of the bold color choices here.


All right!  Feels good to get another one of these up on the site.  As always, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

See you soon!


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