Convention Sketches from MSP in St. Paul

Slowly but surely I am getting better at remembering to take pictures of my convention sketch/commissions.  I just got back from a show in St.Paul, MN where I actually took pictures of 3 really good pieces I did.  So without further delay, here they are!

I did a Tigra that I loved how it turned out.  She is in more conservative attire because as many of you know, I have become much more uptight about such things as I have aged.  Forgive the shadow creeping into the picture on the bottom right.  One of the pitfalls of taking picts at shows.


Next we have a classic Enchantress.  As you will notice I am starting to use more warm grays for the skin tones.  A lot of other people have gone this route and I am finally catching up.  The warm grays have a real nice feel to them.  Again, forgive the shadow.


Finally, here is Fire from JLI in her Adam Hughes costume.  Ugh, big shadow this time.


That’s all for now!

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