Convention Sketch Commissions

Well, I returned from Big Wow Con and I pledged to take photos of some of my Con sketch commissions and post them here in my blog.   Ummmmm……

Actually I remembered…sort of.  I did get a scan of my interpretation of Caveman Batman for Jose Ramirez.


This is a combination of Copic Markers and Micron Pens.

This next piece I actually did remember to take a photo of.  The interesting thing is I did this commission piece last year at Big Wow.  The lady I did the piece for dropped by my table this year with her book which I promptly grabbed from her hands and snapped a photo of my contribution from the previous year.  This is obviously Meg and Hercules and it is a combination of Copic Markers and Colored Pencils.


Because it is a photo and not a scan, you can see some weird shadows down at the bottom of the picture but it is a decent representation of the actual finished product.

So one from this year and one from last.  Not bad for a guy that has trouble remembering to take out the trash.

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