Atomic Toybox becomes POWER CUBED

A few months ago I mentioned on this very blog that my creator owned title “Atomic Toybox” was about to resurface.  I didn’t want to say to much until I had a signed deal by a publisher for fear of jinxing myself.  Well, I do have a signed deal with Dark Horse Comics to publish a 4-issue mini series.   The only problem at this point is getting it done!  Since it is a creator-owned book the pay is very low so I have to continue working at DC as my full time gig and working on my project on the side.  The good news is I have the scripts for all 4 issues complete and the story will finish up the initial storyline that I introduced in my one issue I originally published through Image back in 1999.  So those of you who read that very first (and only) comic will finally be rewarded with the whole story!

The big question is: how soon can I possibly pencil and ink 4 comic books in my spare time.  I can’t exactly answer that as of yet since I just started drawing the book.  But I am very optimistic about having the first issue out before the end of this year and then every subsequent issue out on a monthly basis.

The other bit of news is the book will no longer be called “Atomic Toybox”.  I know those of you who are familiar with the original comic will probably be ticked for changing what is essentially a fun but non-sensical title and those of you who have never heard of it probably couldn’t care less.    I wanted for years to go with a title that better described the content of the comic.  I originally wanted to call the book, “Power Ball” and the cube or box would have been a sphere.  However, the Oregon Lottery already had that name so I somehow came up with Atomic Toybox.  Of course, whenever you have a name associated with something for that long any new name is going to sound inferior to the original if for no other reason than your used to the old one.

So the new name is POWER CUBED.  The trick is the logo will look something like this-(this is just a rough mock up and is not the finished logo so don’t ridicule me)


As you can see the 3 in the cube should be understood as Power to the third or Power Cubed!  I think it is strong title and makes a lot more sense as to the content of the story.  All though, there is always the possibility that people will see it as “POWER 3” and not get it all.  That’s why I am getting out in front of it here!

Also, let me share with you the first page of the comic.  Those of you who bought the original will recognize the page.  This is a redrawn version of the original first page to the comic.  Only two pages from the original comic will be in the new imagining.  But both will be redrawn to better represent where I am at as an artist now.  The story follows the same storyline but it is told in a much different and better way.   I will continue to post about the progression of the comic as we get closer to publication date.



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