A quick update just because…

I looked at my blog page and realized I haven’t posted anything in almost two weeks!  That’s outrageous!  Truth be told, I am feverishly working on the last issue of Amethyst which is extra long without the benefit of extra days to work on it.  In addition to that I have been working on scripts for Atomic Toybox and a script for yet another project that I will be revealing as soon as DC lets me.

So, what can I really tell you?  Not much, except to say that the deal on Atomic Toybox is almost complete (budgeting, paperwork, contracts, etc) so I will be able to announce details on that soon.  The other project that I am writing and drawing I will announce shortly as well…..I think.   In the not too distant future I would like to post my process for drawing Amethyst but all of the sample art I have is on issues that haven’t come out yet so I have to wait on that as well.

Sometimes I think it would be great to have a regular 9-5 job that gave me the weekends off and paid vacation time and healthcare benefits.  But where’s the adventure in that?  When I think of some of the other jobs I’ve worked earlier in my life (pouring concrete, picking up cardboard at Epson, making potato salad and screwing lids on horseradish), I realize the uncertainty of professional art is not too bad.


8 thoughts on “A quick update just because…

  1. I hear you, believe me, I hear you.
    Wanna hear a good one? After 18 years of working a steady 7:00 – 5:00 job, I’m buying a comic book store.
    Sometimes the stars align & it’s time to go all in & take the plunge.

  2. Hi. I am a big fan and look forward to meeting you at the Boston Comic Con. Will you be doing commissions there?

    Regardless, hope to talk to you about GarbageMan, your run on Wonder Woman (especially At Earths End), and other stuff.

    Thanks, Anj

    • I will be doing sketch commissions at the show for $120 single character. I won’t be doing more than 10 and probably less than that because it is only a 2 day show. So if you want to get on the list please come by and see me early. Thanks.

          • Sorry, I meant I like to get my commissions in a sketch book I bring to the con. Will that be okay? I will head to your table first to try to secure a spot on the list (unless you can pencil me in early).

            Thanks for considering and look forward to meeting!

  3. Aaron –
    San Diego Comics (in San Diego, CA, natch.)
    I officially take over on 4/15, lease finalization willing.
    It’s a very traditional store that has been in business for over 30 years, 20 at the current location.
    I’ll be attempting to modernize many aspects while not losing the very loyal customer base that is in place here.
    Much to build upon in terms of service & selection- I’ll just be working to expand the horizons a bit & bring it into the 21st century.
    So, much to do…gradually.
    Here’s our Facebook:
    (And as soon as I know what your upcoming DC project is, I can spotlight it there!)
    Thanks for asking.

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