As I press closer to making my Wraith of God graphic novel campaign a live fund-raiser, I have been offering a limited edition trading card as a carrot (so to speak) to entice people to sign up on the mailing list. I need to get as many people signed up early for the campaign as possible so I can have a reasonable estimate of interested patrons before I start. Sign up early and when you order you get a free limited edition playing card.

So what is the card? What does it look like? Is it new art or am I retreading old material? Let me answer all of those questions right now. This is original art specifically designed for this trading card. It won’t be reprinted elsewhere. So let’s take a look a what you will get if you sign up early and order when the campaign goes live.

I am very excited about this project and I am hoping you will be as well. So remember to sign up early so you don’t miss out on this collector’s item!


WRAITH OF GOD: Aaron Lopresti’s new graphic novel

Way back in 1997 I developed a mini-series to re-imagine Marvel’s western Ghost Rider. I couldn’t get anyone at Marvel to even look at it. It might have been that I was a relative new comer to the industry or it could’ve been they had no interest or confidence in producing a western hero comic. Either way, their lack of interest did not deter my confidence in the quality of the project or its potential. I revamped the character and the plot and created my own character, Wraith of God.

As I continued to climb the ladder of the industry and get more and more work, my creator-owned projects got pushed farther and farther back on the shelf. Before I knew, it 25 years had passed and I started looking in my review mirror wondering what I had accomplished in the industry other than collecting paychecks and writing and drawing someone else’s characters.

As the industry main stream seems to be getting more and more unstable, it feels like it is finally time to take chance and start launching my own characters and comics. After a lengthy discussion with myself, a fair amount of prayer and drawing straws, I finally decided Wraith of God was the book to lead with.

Crowd-funding is the only logical way to proceed in this new era of comic book production and distribution. So right now, right this minute, in fact this very second, I have opened a pre-launch page and I am soliciting email sign-ups for patrons that are interested in this new graphic novel project.

So what exactly is Wraith of God? It’s a an all new 72-page graphic novel. In the American old west of 1883, The Wraith is a mysterious hero with a dark past who hunts monsters and delivers the wrath of God on the forces of evil. Along with his associate Esther, a former Salvation Army worker, they hunt a clan of Werewolves across the western states in a race to possess an ancient amulet.

There will be three cover options, two of which I have already completed, the third will be by a superstar artist in the industry but I won’t reveal his name until I get something from him to show. Speaking of showing, here are my two covers and the first 2 pages of the story as a little preview.

cover option A

cover option B the retro cover

Page 1 (still to be colored)

Page 2 (still to be colored)

You might have noticed the Empire Comics logo on the covers. What’s that you ask? Well, even though my company name has always been Cold Crocodile Press, I felt I needed a separate title for my comic banner. Empire seemed simple and apropos to my goals. Build an empire of new comics. With your help, it can be done!

It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about a project. I will be writing, penciling and inking this graphic novel. If I was more proficient, I would be coloring as well. But alas, I am still a painfully slow colorist so I will be farming that chore out.

If you like what you see here and want to support this project please follow the link and sign up right now! If you sign-up before the campaign goes live in mid-August, you get a free limited edition trading card when you order.