Kit Carter Returns…for free!

Well, the exciting day is finally here. My somewhat popular (soon to be very popular) comic strip, Kit Carter: Galactic Ranger is finally back and free for you to read beginning with Episode 7! (Each episode is a single page strip much like a Sunday newspaper strip would be)

I’m sure many of you are new to this and are wondering why is the strip starting on Episode 7. Where are numbers 1-6?

Let me explain. Episode 1 was originally released as what I refer to as a Story Print. This was/is an 11X17 signed and numbered limited edition print of Kit Carter’s very first adventure. (These are still available by the way for $15 +$5 shipping)

Upon purchasing the Story Print, as a bonus, you were/are invited to a read the first six episodes of Kit Carter in color for free on a passcode protected web page. This is/was, of course, to incentivize the purchase of the print.

But now, I will be releasing the next 5 or so episodes, starting with #7, on this very webpage for free viewing by anyone and everyone. These will be released in black and white.

The big picture plan is to create enough interest in this project to launch a Kit Carter book or comic. This book or comic will include all of the web material reproduced in color along with an all-new Kit Carter full length adventure.

If and when this happens will depend on you, the audience. If you like this let me know! If you don’t, be nice and say you like it anyway or don’t say anything at all. My ego is too fragile.

So without further ado, please enjoy Episode 7 of Kit Carter: Galactic Ranger.

Kit Carter Episode 7