The GARBAGE MAN Campaign is LIVE!

This may be the shortest blog I have ever written. My much anticipated Garbage Man crowdfunding campaign is live. I am amazed the amount of courage it took to actually do this. The fear of failure is a very real thing, especially with us artist and writers. I hope you will check this out and contribute. I do know the book will be of the highest quality and that’s really all I can guarantee.

Here is a little art to help draw you in. This is the pencil art to the limited edition print that will be used only in the limited edition of the book. I will be penciling, inking and coloring this.

They great comic book inker Danny Miki has also agreed to ink a piece for the book. Here is the “work in progress” of the art Danny will be inking. I’ve see the partially inked art from Danny and it is spectacular!

Thanks for stopping by and follow this link to the campaign!


I have been talking a lot about it but now I am finally doing it. Garbage Man is set to launch as a crowdfunding campaign. In fact, there is a pre-launch page up on Indiegogo right now!

So why Indiegogo instead of kickstarter? Or why not Dark Horse or Image? I chose a crowdfunding option rather than an established publisher for a couple of reasons. Garbage Man is arguably the best work I have ever done in comics and I wanted it reproduced in a special way. I doubt Dark Horse or Image would want to put out the book as a European sized hardcover like I want to. Also, these publishers don’t offer up full page rates in advance or as the work is completed like I ( and the other contributors) are used to getting. So I would be doing the new work appearing in the book for free, hoping to make money on the back end. I never made a dime on Power Cubed (almost all the money I got from Dark Horse went to pay my inkers and colorist) so I felt crowdfunding was the best bet for having a chance to make enough money up front to pay everyone (including myself) who will be working on the project. Time will tell.

How did I decide on which platform to use? I did a ton of research and talked to a lot of people who have done crowdfunded projects. I soon realized everyone I talked to had an opinion based on personal experience. Kickstarter guys thought Kickstarter was the best and Indiegogo guys thought they were the best. No help there. I checked with fans and readers through social media. Half of them hated kickstarter, half hated Indiegogo. In fact, there seemed to be an almost political split between the two. The animosity directed by some at the platforms was really surprising to me. Why should it matter what platform is used? Shouldn’t it be about supporting a creator and his project regardless of the platform? Apparently not. I realized no matter which way I went I might very well lose half of my audience. But I could only launch from one so…

I chose Indiegogo for a couple of reasons. They have an InDemand store that stays open after the campaign is over so stragglers can still order. Also, their fees were lower and it seemed to me that Indiegogo was more comic book friendly (although I freely admit that may be an incorrect assumption on my part). They also now offer a fixed dollar amount for campaigns. No more keeping the money if you don’t hit your goal. If I don’t hit my goal, I ain’t doing the project and everyone is refunded. No one is getting ripped off. So we’ll see how it goes.

If you are not familiar with Garbage Man I would urge you to check out my Indiegogo pre-launch page. There is a 2 minute video there that explains just about everything.

The book will be a 170 page over-sized hardcover (give or take a page). There will also be a PDF version available, as well as a couple of limited edition offers. The standard hardcover will cost $35. That seems reasonable to me considering the size and page count. The volume will include all of the DC Garbage Man material plus about 11 pages of new material added in as well as a brand new Garbage Man story and a sketchbook chapter. I am looking into adding a Garbage Man Gallery with all star artists contributing.

So that’s really about it. I hope you in the very least take a look at the project and at most buy multiple copies.