The Cover to Damage #12 featuring Superman

Seems like forever since I posted a blog.  I think it’s called post San Diego Comic Con Syndrome.  I was never formally diagnosed but it seems legit.   Well, anyway I have recovered and I have a cover to post about.   This one is particularly exciting because it involves Superman and one of my all-time favorite Neal Adams characters, Deadman!

I have recently taken the artistic reigns on DC Comics’ newest big “Hulkish” monster series, Damage.  My interiors started with issue #9 but my cover work (except for the annual) doesn’t begin until issue #12.  Fortunately, #12 was just solicited today so I can post a process blog about it.

This cover was fairly easy to conceptualize.  Since Damage is fighting Superman in the issue, I wanted Superman on the cover (duh).  The only question was whether or not we should show Deadman on the cover.  He is the surprise (not anymore) guest star of the issue but we felt we would get more mileage out of teasing him on the cover than not mentioning his appearance at all.  It is always fun to have a big surprise inside the comic but selling comics is also the goal, so…

I only had to do one cover sketch for this issue because we were in complete agreement before I ever began as to what it would be.


I even dropped in a little faux logo so everyone could see how the image would fit.  Originally I had Damage too small in comparison to Superman so I simply enlarged him after scanning this and then pasting a larger version of him on the sketch.

In a strange twist to this story, I actually remembered to scan the pencil art before I inked it.  This is what it looked like.


I didn’t include a lot of detailing on Damage or the background because I knew I was inking it and a lot of what’s missing here is just texturing I knew I could put in with my pen and brush.

It came out looking a lot like this.


Because I am such a slow colorist and this is a regular monthly book, I turned the coloring duties over to one of my favorite colorists, Brad Anderson.  He’s much faster and probably just a little bit better. He did some groovy stuff with the smoke that I would never have thought to do.


And that is that.  A cool cover with a lot of cool characters on it.  I just finished my next cover for Damage and it turned out really well.  I can’t wait to share it with you……in 30 days!

See you next time!