The Cover to Turok #2

A few months back my old friend Matt Idelson, formerly of Marvel Comics, formerly of DC Comics and currently of Dynamite Comics contacted me about doing alternate covers for their new Turok series.  I said…..”YES!”

The first cover I had to pencil and ink in a day.  So I was unable to color it.  Therefore, I am not going to feature it here.  Instead I am going to start with #2 since I did pencil, ink and color it myself!

As crazy as it sounds coming from me, I only did one cover rough.  I had a pretty good idea for the cover and just went with it.  Matt liked it so I got away with just one cover sketch.


My initial thought was Turok was “hijacking” a pteranodon, thus the gun to the head.  Matt wanted something more dynamic like him firing the gun right at us….more or less.  I figured he was still hijacking the dino but now he was firing at another one.  Sounds good to me.

So I altered the cover slightly and came up with this pencil.


All looked good to everyone involved so it seemed the next logical step would be to ink it.  So I did.  Once again using mostly a brush.


That turned out about as well as could be expected so I scanned it as a bit map at 1200 dpi.  I then changed it to a CMYK file and reduced the size to about 800dpi and reduced the height to about 13 inches and then colored it in photoshop.


This is more or less a orange/blue complimentary color scheme.  I did push the greens into the yellow a little for the background trees as well as making the sun a very pale yellow.  I did a color hold on the sun and had it fade into the background at the bottom.  I wasn’t sure initially how it would look but upon trying it, I liked it and kept it.  I also added the stripes to the pteranodon because I felt like there was too much open space on his wings.  I thought the camoflauge would work well to hive the beast a  little more character.

In retrospect, I probably should have done a color hold on the blast flares from the gun…..

Next time.

There you have it folks, another cover bites the dust!