More Color Commissions

Well it’s that time again……me waiting on a script.  When you have nothing to do, what do you do?  You take on a few more commissions, that’s what.  Only 4 this time as I am desperately hoping to have a script in hand on Monday.

The one good thing lately about doing all of these color commissions is I have been getting great requests from people.  It’s great to be able to draw a commission for someone when the subject matter is something you really like.

All of these are 11X17 and a combination of copic marker and colored pencil.  With this batch I was able to get through the left over requests from my previous run of commissions.

The first one I did was Poison Ivy.



Second was Deathstroke the Terminator.  This is a character that I have never drawn before.  It’s always fun to tackle new subject matter.


Next up is one of my favorite DC characters.  The always popular but never translates into sales, The Creeper.  I tried to channel a little bit of Steve Ditko’s original wackiness into this piece.


And finally one of my favorite odd ball characters from the 70’s, Iron Fist.  Bruce Lee’s popularity first brought about Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu and was soon followed by Daniel Rand, Iron Fist!


Three of the four commissions are headed for Australia.  I haven’t visited there since 1994, so I definitely need to get back there!

That’s all I have for now.  As always, thanks for looking.