Creating Warrior Nouveau

Here it is 2016 already which means the convention season is about to start.   With that comes the same question every year, new sketchbook or new prints?  Since I started making sketchbooks way back in 2000 (I can’t believe that the year 2000 could already be considered way back) sales have gone from great to steady to slipping.  Everyone and their brother is producing sketchbooks these days and have been for several years.  I think a lot of people, even art lovers, are suffering from sketchbook fatigue.

I have, however, noticed that a good collectible print will still sell consistently well.  So once again, I decided to skip producing a new sketchbook and instead put my mind to creating a couple of really “must have” prints.  To do this, I had to not only produce a good illustration but a great design as well.  I have always wanted to try my hand at creating something with an Art Nouveau/Mucha feel to it so that’s where I started.  I also know that I am best recognized for my work on Wonder Woman so I wanted to come up with something that would fit into that theme as well.  I hit my sketchbook and came up with this.


I liked the figure and the staged but elegantly heroic pose.  The background though needed some thought.  After referencing some Mucha art, I came up with this.


I was very happy with the background design and the figure, so I continued on and inked it with a brush and some micron work.  The original is 11X17 as is the final print.


Of course, the obvious next step was to color the art and create a border.  I did this in photoshop after scanning the image as a 1500dpi bitmap.   After converting the file to CMYK, I reduced the size to 800dpi and started coloring.  I tried to keep the coloring simple so to be more in line with what Mucha did.  I went back and forth with the background colors and the border color but eventually decided this version was the best.


And there you have it, my first print of the new year.  This is a signed and numbered print limited to 150 copies.  I will be selling it at all of the conventions I attend this year and it is also available through mail order.  It sells for $15 and if you would like one but can’t make it to any of the shows I will be attending this year, email me and for an extra $5 shipping you can have one too!

Until next time!