Is This the Last Power Cubed Blog?!

No, this is not the last Power Cubed blog.  Although, it may be for the current mini-series.  The final issue comes out in December right before Christmas but I must admit, I am already planning a one-shot follow up.  Of course, that will depend ultimately on Dark Horse’s willingness or interest in doing more.

I did finish the art on the 4th issue a couple of weeks ago but I had to wait until the third issue came out before I could post any art to the 4th issue.  For any of you interested in weird trivia, I did ink the last panel of the last page to the third issue myself and I also inked the first page to the 4th issue.  Why?  Because I had to paste that last panel of issue #3 into the monitor on the 1st page to issue #4 and I thought it would be easier if I kept the art with me (instead of shipping to the inker, Marc Deering, and then have him ship it back to me).

So allow me to reveal to you the splash page to issue #4 penciled and inked by me.  Please note the continued Steranko/Eisner influence of working the title into the art.


This is a combination of brush and pen.

If you have been buying and reading this series I am grateful for your support and interest.  I hope when you get the final issue you will feel like it was worth the ride.  And hopefully it’s not over yet!