Power Cubed Update and the Cover to #3

You know the old saying, “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”?  Well that phrase is particularly applicable to Power Cubed #1 which comes out 10 days from now on September 23rd.   I first published this concept under the title of “Atomic Toybox” 15 years ago and I am finally going to be holding the first issue of the re-imagined story in my hands in less than two weeks.  And this time the story will be completed and the readers will not be jilted and left hanging.

How can I assure you of this?  Well, because three issues of the 4-issue mini-series are already finished and I am on page 8 of the final issue right now.  That’s not to say that the adventure comes to a complete stop and finality at the end of issue 4.  The door is definitely left wide open for further adventures but the “Dr. Cruel” saga does wrap up with some other threads at the end of this mini-series.

I originally wanted to blog about my process for the third cover to this series, until I realized I didn’t do a sketch or series of sketches for this cover.  This is a rare instance where I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the cover and just drew it.  One of the problems I have with inking my own covers is I often times forget to make a scan of the pencils.  I just draw it and ink it and then scan and color it.

Such was the case with this cover.  So all I can do is show you the inked version and the colored version.


I can say a few words about my thought process, though.  I really wanted a dramatic cover that still maintained the humor that is so prevalent in the series.  Also, since I grew up reading comics in the 70’s, I have always been a big fan of Gil Kane (among others) who always managed to create a dynamic cover that was rarely a direct depiction of the events in the comic but rather a cover that created a scene that captured the theme of the story.

Here the dramatic elements are obvious but if you look at the ridiculous pile of explosives that April is sitting on you get a sense of the humor inherent in the series as well.  Finally I will admit the image on the cover does not take place in the comic but the gist of what you are seeing does.

So remember, issue #1 is out on September 23rd and I have read 4 early reviews on the issue and they are all overwhelming positive.  That is a great relief for me and a good reason why you should pick up this series!

Until next time!