SDCC 2015 Convention Commissions

An interesting SDCC this year.  Sales and traffic of people interested in comic art seemed to be way down this year.  In fact, this is the first year where I did not get at least 20 requests for show commissions. I didn’t even get 15.  Is San Diego being overrun with toy flippers and movie fans, leaving the comic and art fans unable to get a ticket?  Many artist’s are starting to think so.   Time will tell.

I did do some good commissions this year, though.  I only took pictures of 3, however.  There is a nice Silver Surfer from Planet Hulk floating around out there.

Here are the 3 I did take pictures of.  I normally don’t do color at shows because it takes too long.  However, this show I did unexpectedly have the time.  Olivia Tien, a long time collector of my art who actually helped out in the booth this year, got two color pieces for her Disney sketchbook.  These are a combination of gray markers and colored pencils.

littlemermaid2015 Ursula2015

Here is the other sketchbook I worked in and actually remembered to take a photo of. This would be the New Thor.  I only used markers on this one.


That’s all I have for this trip.  More Power Cubed next time!