Latest in Studio Commissions

Yikes!  It’s been almost a month since my last blog post.  Between Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Comic Art Fans and this blog it is almost impossible to keep up.  Who created social media anyway?  If I am ever able to successfully integrate into the 21st century, I’ll let you know.

Anyway…..June has been a weird month.  I really have done very little work for DC Comics because I have been developing a new series for them and I didn’t know if or when it would start, so I reluctantly avoided any story work that might conflict with my potential new series.  Unfortunately writing and re-writing series proposals pays very little (actually nothing) as a result, I had a wide open month that forced me to take on some commission work to pay the bills.

So I took the first 6 people that contacted me and over the course of the last couple of weeks this is what I produced.

Catwoman with a Batman cameo.  This is a copic marker “painting”.  I used neutral grays on most of this piece with warm grays for the flesh tones.  11X17 on smooth bristol.  If you check my Spectrum Show Blog, you’ll see a very similar piece I did at that show.  This is a refined and more elaborate version that I could only pull off while working in my studio.


This is the second commission I finished.  This is a mix of copic marker and colored pencil.  I discussed this technique in a much earlier blog (check the archives) but in short I use colored pencils instead of copic markers for color because unlike the grays, the colors don’t have different values of the same color so it is impossible to layer up the color and control its intensity.  This is Andromeda from The Legion of Superheroes.  11X17


My third was Death.  I liked how much this turned out that I made it into a print.  That is what you see below.  Again this was neutral gray markers and warm gray for the sand and borderline that surrounds the character.  I didn’t use warm gray on her flesh because she is Death after all.  I used a warm tan colored border to draw out the warm grays and also to make the print feel more like a color piece.


Next came the inevitable Wonder Woman.  Copic Markers and colored pencils again.  11X17


Then came a couple of smaller pieces.  This is The Baroness from GI Joe.  I have never drawn her before and am likely to never again.  This piece has a strong design sense to it and the red border and back ground really make it pop.  11X14


Finally I was commissioned to do an 11X14 Black Canary.  When ever I do pieces this size its always a question of whether or not to do a smaller full figure or a larger 3/4.  I opted for the latter.  This turned out a bit sexier than I had originally planned but I guess old habits die hard.


All in all a pretty successful round of  commissions.