Power Cubed Update

Believe it or not, I am still working on Power Cubed, my creator owned book for Dark Horse, and things are moving along.  I just finished penciling the 1st issue and I have 8 more pages to ink and #1 will be in the can.  As of right now, I am on schedule to get the first issue out by June 2015.  God willing, I will be able to keep that scheduled release date.

I will be getting a guest inker for issues #2 and #3 to help me keep peace.  The beauty of that is, it is one of the best inkers in the business and that is not hyperbole.  I won’t announce who just yet.  Instead I will give you a sneak peek at another page from issue #1.


Any time a staircase gets turned into a T-Rex, you have a book worth buying!   More to come soon.

The 75th Anniversary Flash Cover for Batgirl

I recently got the opportunity to do the 75th Anniversary of the Flash alternative cover for Batgirl #38.  The great Mark Chiarello offered me several options of cover choices and I chose Batgirl.  Then came the trick of finding the right classic Batgirl cover to parody with the Flash.   I went for the cover to Detective Comics #359 which is, of course, the first appearance of Batgirl.  Could there be a better choice?


The process for me remains the same.  I usually do several cover sketches to give the art director or editor some options to choose from.  In this case, I had such a clear vision of what I wanted to do that I did only one.


Since I only sent one to Mark, he obviously chose this piece.   I then I went on to pencil this cover sketch on full sized art board.


Once I got the final pencil finished, I got it approved and then went right to inking.  I used a combination of brush and micron pens to finish this cover art.  As you can see there are some minor changes from the pencil to the inks (for instance, Batman’s cape).  I also made some changes after I scanned the image in photoshop but those were minor facial expressions.


I took this image and scanned it as a bit map/line art at 1500dpi. I then colored it in photoshop, trying my best to re-create the color scheme from the original Detective Comics #359 issue.


And that’s the finished product, sans any cover type or logos.  This is the file I sent to DC and the rest is in their capable hands.  This cover should come out in January 2015.