A quick update just because…

I looked at my blog page and realized I haven’t posted anything in almost two weeks!  That’s outrageous!  Truth be told, I am feverishly working on the last issue of Amethyst which is extra long without the benefit of extra days to work on it.  In addition to that I have been working on scripts for Atomic Toybox and a script for yet another project that I will be revealing as soon as DC lets me.

So, what can I really tell you?  Not much, except to say that the deal on Atomic Toybox is almost complete (budgeting, paperwork, contracts, etc) so I will be able to announce details on that soon.  The other project that I am writing and drawing I will announce shortly as well…..I think.   In the not too distant future I would like to post my process for drawing Amethyst but all of the sample art I have is on issues that haven’t come out yet so I have to wait on that as well.

Sometimes I think it would be great to have a regular 9-5 job that gave me the weekends off and paid vacation time and healthcare benefits.  But where’s the adventure in that?  When I think of some of the other jobs I’ve worked earlier in my life (pouring concrete, picking up cardboard at Epson, making potato salad and screwing lids on horseradish), I realize the uncertainty of professional art is not too bad.